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Scott Richards Contemporary Art (present)
Facbook Ad: Eric Zammitt (techie audience with specific artist language)
Facebook Ad: Eric Zammitt (people who work nearby) 

Black Hammer Brewing (2015-2016)
Email: San Francisco Beer Week Launch campaign
Email: Beer shuttle event, gift growlers
Email: February Events
Facebook Ad: Food truck launch
Facebook Ad: One-year party

Recurrency (2015)
Blog post (how-to): How-to search in Recurrency
Blog post (product update): New Recurrency features - Goals and Rewards
Blog post (how-to): How do I support a creator who doesn't use Recurrency yet?

Desti (2013)
Blog (product update): Route planning launch
Blog (how-to): How to edit and remove Routes in Desti
Email (product update): Route planning launch
Email (product update): Launch of Mexico coverage
Email (curated weekly email): Bay Area example